You are no painter when…

I am a painter and I am also still an active psychologist. Yesterday I was teaching a training in ‘provocative coaching’. My colleague Jeffrey was talking about how interdependent we are as people. In a very real sense, you are no writer if you have no readers. You are no parent if you have no children. And… you are no painter if nobody sees your work.

Hence the great struggle to be seen. It has been documented and it is going on today with thousands of artists. To be seen. And felt and heard, of course, but in the visual arts it starts with being seen. One of the mechanisms by which I strive to be more visible today, is making YouTube movies.

I have several videos now. You probably saw some of them on my homepage when you came in. I discovered that I love making these movies. It is a way of showing yourself, creating an opportunity for people to see what you are about. And is is also a way of documenting your work and reflecting on it yourself.

One effect has been that I am not as active in writing posts in this blog. Oh well, things progress. If i ever get tired of making these videos, I’ll probably pick up writing in this blog more frequently again. And I have to admit: it’s a lot quicker writing a short blog post than making a video…

About the Author JAAPH

JAAPH is an expressionist painter living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.