Expressionist painter from the Netherlands. Pronounce: "Yahpaich".

In the Field
Operates in a psychological field generated between his unconscious mind, the painting and his personal history/culture. Likes the directness of painting. No need to program it, agree with it or have meetings over it.

Big Stories
Contrary to popular belief, works of art do not speak for themselves. You understand, therefore you see. JaapH speaks for his works in big stor
ies, whenever he can. 
His background as a psychologist often shines through in his titles.

Life and Career
Born in 1952. Was in art school (Minerva, Groningen) while at the same time studying psychology. In the struggle between psychology and art, psychology won the first round. Treated countless clients, taught countless trainings and visited countless museums.

A Clear Thud
At age 66, returned to art. The very moment he put the first brush stroke on the canvas, something fell into place with a distant but very clear thud.

JaapH is an active member of XP20, an expressionist artist group. He participates in communal paintings where several members work on the same painting.

In the background: 'Psychologists on the Beach'

Contact Information

Email: jh@jaaph.com

Website: http://jaaph.com/

Blog: http://jaaph.com/blog/