Who is JAAPH?

Artist Statement
JAAPH is an expressionist painter. He shows his personal experience, rather than observable reality only. He wants to elicit emotion and thought. He understands that to achieve that, you sometimes need to show things that people can recognise. He creates four different types of paintings:
- Abstract paintings with colorful forms.
- Expressionist paintings with realistic elements like people, cars, vases, and so on, often combined with abstract motifs.
- Landscapes in the style of 'De Ploeg' a local expressionist group active in the North of the Netherlands in the 1920's.
- Cooperative works painting​​​​ together with other people.

He mostly uses acrylics on canvas. He creates a psychological 'field' between his unconscious mind, the painting, his personal history and his culture. In this field he lets next steps emerge. He often arrives at places he could not have imagined before. 

JAAPH likes the directness of painting. You take the brush and Bam! there it is. You don't have to program it, agree with it or have meetings over it. He wants his painting to catch the viewer's attention and hold it for a while. Ideally, he wants people to get hypnotically lost in his paintings and change their consciousness.

Contrary to popular belief, works of art do not speak for themselves. The human brain does not separate perception from interpretation. You see, therefore you understand. You understand, therefore you see. JAAPH speaks for his works in BIG stories.

Life and Career
JAAPH was born in the Netherlands in 1952. He studied Clinical Psychology in the seventies and attended art school for a few years. In the struggle between psychology and art, psychology won the first round. Working in psychiatry JAAPH applied both hypnosis and practical skills training. In the eighties he founded a psychological training institute and enjoyed great success introducing both NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Provocative Therapy in the Netherlands. To date, this institute has trained more than 14.000 people.

Return to Art
Finally, at 67, JAAPH returned to art. In the meantime, he had treated countless clients, taught countless trainings and visited countless museums. At one point he needed some art work for an office, couldn’t find what he liked, and decided to paint it himself. The very moment he put that first brush stroke on the canvas, something fell into place with a very loud thud. He has been painting ever since.

XP2020 Group
JAAPH took a  good look at expressionist movements throughout history: the ‘Blaue Reiter’, the ’Brucke’, 'COBRA', 'Abstract Expressionism' and the ’Neue Wilde’. He believes that it is now time for a contemporary expressionist movement, which he calls 'XP2020' (Expressionists 2020). Great art comes from groups. Understanding this, JAAPH started a Behance team, which consists of expressionist artists from several different countries (presently: The Netherlands, Ukraine, Morocco, France and the US). The XP2020 group is now preparing exhibitions in Europe: Milan, Berlin, Paris and London. 

JAAPH likes to do cooperate paintings. Some with other XP20/20 members, others with people like land-water-agro visionary Wim Kol, with whom he focusses on ‘Dike Mysticism’. 

JAAPH writes about art in his blog.

Contact Information

Email: jh@jaaph.com

Website: https://jaaph.com/

Blog: https://jaaph.com/blog/