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Buy a JAAPH painting

I'll be in touch
After you filled out the buying form, I will get in touch with you. Here is my contact information:

Email: jaaph@jaaph.com

Website: http://jaaph.com/

About the originals
Originals are framed, so they need special transport. How much it will cost, also depends on where you are. I will get in touch with you to discuss transportation and insurance options (before you pay).
Please note: not all originals are for sale.

About the canvas prints
This is a JFX200 print on quality canvas.
Prints are signed, numbered, dated and certified. 

You can staple or glue the canvas to your wall, straight out of the box, bohemian style. Or you can have it stretched on a frame in your place of residence. You can even do the stretching yourself.

Transportation and insurance cost for canvas prints

  • Netherlands
    add € 15,--
  • Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Sweden
    add € 35,--
  • All other countries in Europe, excluding Russia
    add € 40,--
  • All other countries, including Russia
    add € 55,--

Transportation cost for paper prints
For paper prints the transportation costs are much less. I'll discuss this with you after you order (but before you pay).