From the Sketchbook, 2

What have I been working on? I have been doing a lot of ‘artist lifestyle’ work. Building the XP2020 group, preparing an exhibition catalog, trying to determine where we will exhibit geographically, doing Udemy courses on these subjects, updating this website, contacting local art galleries in my home city (there were a lot more than I had thought) to enter the local art world, printing business cards, getting a separate email address for my artist persona and so on and so forth.

For all this, I was taking notes in an elegant artistic black notebook. It contained a few small works I had forgotten about. Here is one of them.

What’s the story?

Even for this small work, there is a BIG story.

“A woman walks the earth, wearing ritual head irons, hair flapping in the wind, but otherwise silent. Sugar canes grow very close to her, but she looks the other way. Doesn’t she want to taste the sweetness of nature? There is a fence, but that fence originates from her own body. Does the woman know that? Night is falling and there’s old bones behind her.”

Deep, right?

About the Author JAAPH

JAAPH is an expressionist painter living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.