Dike Mysticism 7 – End game

What am I working on? Last week land-water-agro visionary Wim Kol and I finished our first Dike Mysticism work. As usual, we are still not quite sure we have finished the work. But we do suspect we may have. Thinking about the earth in this painting, should it be lighter in colour?

Live it seemed okay, that earth color, but in the photo it looks like it’s a bit too similar to the dike… Anyway, we declared this painting ‘finished’, and immediately started the next one. We wanted that one to be much lighter, more pastel. You see it on the easel behind us. It is almost finished, actually. We are getting the hang of it… I’ll keep you posted.

About the Author JAAPH

JAAPH is an expressionist painter living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.