Dike Mysticism 6 – The end game

Tonight land-water-agro visionary Wim Kol and I struggled a bit with our Dike Mysticism work. Two weeks ago we had the black lines printed over our acrylics and the results were not quite what we had hoped for.

In one of my other work the print-over has had spectacular results. But that was a Warhol-like whole photograph print-over, where whole areas were covered by the print. With the dike temple, we were printing lines only. Hmm, not as good. Live and learn…

First we finished several surfaces that we had not completely filled in with paint. We had sort of lost track through all the work we did before. Anyway, we could fairly easily correct that, but it did throw us back to what we had been trying to avoid so cleverly in the first place: painting 100% straight lines by hand. But when that was finished, we didn’t like the colors anymore… Sigh…

Now we changed several of the colors. All is good, except… the earth. Sound familiar? Joke. In the next phase we plan to change the color of the earth and maybe draw over the lines in another color with something like oil pastels. One day we will finish this work! I’ll keep you posted.

About the Author JAAPH

JAAPH is an expressionist painter living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.