Dike Mysticism 5 – The sky is up

Tonight Dutch architect (and land-water-agro visionary) Wim Kol and I finished the second to last phase of the first phase of the Dike Mysticism project. In the post before this one, I described how we stressed the clouds in the the sky with white acrylic paint and a palette knife, after we discovered that sanding was not the answer.

More sanding would not be an option anyway, since Wim didn’t like the sanding dust in his studio at all and we even sanded a little hole in the canvas at one point…

This time we put a layer of yellow and green on top of the clouds and the white streaks. This worked out very well. We added some green tones as well. And we wiped some areas with a cloth to re-reveal more of the clouds. We were very happy with the result. The picture above doesn’t show it very well, but is gave a very smooth and interesting layered effect emphasizing the rims of the palette strokes.

Detail of the sky

Wim and I were joking that if we had been Mark Rothko, we would now sit in front of our work, drink whiskey all night and philosophize about the essence of art and the magic of layering. Well, we thank Mark Rothko, the grand master of layering sincerely for his inspiration, and the layering we absolutely did, although not really to a Rothkoesk extent, but unfortunately neither Wim nor I drink alcohol anymore, so we were unable to execute this important ritual of the New York expressionists. We will have to think of a dike mystical alternative…


About the Author JAAPH

JAAPH is an expressionist painter living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.