How do you compose an exposition?

What have I been working on? In the second half of 2020, a lot of my energy has been seeping into my ‘day job’. We have been struggling a bit with passing on our psychological institute to the next generation. Still, I did manage to do some art and I have been building an online exposition. It’s on the front page of this website.

I now spent some time in expanding the first exposition that has been on this website for a while. Actually it’s not completely finished yet, but I am getting close.

I have to say, building an exposition, even when it’s online, has become a lot easier with sites like ‘Kunstmatrix‘. I had looked into building an online exposition before, but starting from scratch it took some much coding skill and such an huge amount of work, that for me it was hardly doable. Kunstmatrix really takes care of all of that. Basically all you need to do upload your work, select a space and hang it. Plus they have great support, plus they featured my exposition for a month.

I do like curating exhibitions. This is my second one. I am not claiming to be a great curator, but do love it as a form of composition. Arranging the works. Changing the sizes. Creating an experience. I already liked this with the Dike Mysticism exposition. By the way, the Dyke Mysticism is also present in the new exposition in a compacted form (6 works).

Take these four works for instance, shown above They are electronic, based on photographs I took in a French castle. I call this series ‘The E-empire’. I selected four: the king, the queen, the princess and the stag. I think the way I arranged them on the wall says a lot about their relationship. The placement and sizes is a comment on the arrival of a new generation. Those of you who are familiar with family constellations may recognise this process. Although I doubt that Bert Hellinger, the father of family constellations, would have liked this composition.

About the Author JAAPH

JAAPH is an expressionist painter living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.