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I love the JFX200

Its full name is JFX200-2513. A flatbed printer that my local printing service (Janssen Print in Nijmegen) owns. It’s amazing what they can do with that machine. As a demonstration, they printed a photo on a sidewalk tile in front of their office. After years it is hardly even worn.

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Riding the B-line

What have I been working on? Basically I have been working on a few ‘big’ works. The blue-and-gold fantasy for instance, a project of my XP20 group; 90 x 90 cm acrylics. And then there is the side line. Plan B. What you do next to the big works.

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Great Iphone pictures tutorial

I was always disappointed with the pictures my Iphone 8 was taking. I often thought: “Hey this is an expensive phone that even professional photographers use. Why is it taking these sort of vague pictures?”

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