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Homehaus in the making

First sketches of the homehaus series came back from the printer, so I could do the next step. Here you see them in their underpainting. I have always worked on single paintings. The homehaus is my first planned series.

It still feels sort of strange to have five works at the same time…

I still need to add some more detail to the painted parts. It is a delicate balance where on the one hand I don’t want it to get too mechanical but on the other hand I don’t want to derail the images beyond recognition either. And I am not sure about the color of that mercedes…

Some more painting and then, next step: second printing!

Homehaus series

What have I been working on? A lot. My Behance artist group XP2020 is now 8 artists. It has been a great joy to be part of this group. The job of building it is more or less finished. I am working on an exhibition proposal; 40 works. ‘Expressionist Art in the New Twenties”. This got me into an ‘exhibition’ mindset, thinking in shows, rather than single paintings…

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Here you see one picture of the HOMEHAUS series in black-and-white print. The actual series will be in color.

What is this series? One day I was on a bike trip in Eastern Europe, I think it was Czechia. I saw an old, rusted car in a grass field. Lots of rubbish around it. And in my mind’s eye I saw an abstracted image of that car with the word HOME underneath it. Don’t ask me why. It was coming straight from my unconscious mind. HOME, I saw it very clearly. In a font like Futura or Montserrat.

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