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What am I working on? I ordered a new pad of watercolor paper without realizing how big it was. It turned out to be as big as my usual ‘Plan B’ size, 40 x 50 cm. I mean, I know what 40 x 50 cm is, of course. I just hadn’t realized that it was the same size of the canvas boards I use for ‘real’ work.

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I have been posting a lot on the Dike Mysticism project. But that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on, art-wise. I’ve also made some progress with my Homehaus series, my XP20/20 group and I’ve started this new painting about fear.

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Greek fish drawing

Another page from my sketchbook. Although I don’t know about the ‘sketching’ verb. That word seems to presuppose you do a first rough rendering as a sketch and then you do the real painting later in your studio, right?

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Jumping after the fish drawing

From my sketchbook. I have one of these nice classical sketchbooks with the rigid black covers and the sturdy ring binder.

I was teaching in Athens and I wanted to do something artistic in our apartment. I had brought my watercolor box. I don’t find that very easy, watercolors.

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