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Dike mysticism, continued

Wim Kol and I took the next step in our Dyke mysticism project. We set up Wim’s architectural design on canvas, my usual format, 90 x 90 cm.

Then we looked at the palette of a painting by Dutch artist Jannes de Vries. Jannes de Vries was a member of ‘De ploeg’. An expressionist movement in the northern Dutch province of Groningen. They were most active from the 30’s to the 50’s of the last century. Strongly inspired by German expressionism from the 30’s, especially Kirchner. My wife Anneke and I are fortunate enough to own several paintings by Jannes de Vries.

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Dike temple process

What have I been working on? About half a year ago I started a cooperation with Dutch architect and eco-agro-water visionary Wim Kol. We are basically producing works on 90 x 90 cm. canvases now, using a variety of techniques.

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