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Improving by removing

What am I working on? Well, I spent the better part of a day producing a virtual exhibition on my home page. I am excited about how it came out! But there is not much more to say about that, because you probably already saw it when you came in. Another thing today, was a comparison. I updated a work yesterday and I have good photo’s of before and after, because I thought I was finished with it. So I could compare.

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This painting is too… part 3

What am I working on? I think I finished the painting I showed you two earlier stages of. The one I critiqued with ‘This painting is too…”. Well, basically when I ask myself “This painting is too…?” and nothing comes up, I feel the painting is finished.

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Too dull, too grey, too dark…

Last time I critiqued this picture. I used Nancy Reyner’s “This picture is too…”-formula. I thought it was too… dull, grey-green, dark and even. This is what it looked like.

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This picture is too…

I read an e-book about painting and critiquing paintings. Written by Nancy Reyner. She says you can improve your painting by asking yourself: “This painting is too…” Good suggestion!

Here is a painting I am working on. It is definitely too… something…

Is it too dull?

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