Folkloric suggestion

What am I working on? Still thinking about COBRA. Still looking at Karel Appel, the most famous member of COBRA. In Appel I see a strong link with folklore. Not straight folklore, but indirect, thematic, suggested folklore.

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COBRA and expressionism 20/20

What am I working on? One thing I am working on – or maybe I should say thinking about – is ‘Expressionism Twenytwenty‘. And, being a great fan of Karel Appel, I was wondering: how does COBRA fit in with XP20/20?

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Dike Mysticism III – Getting closer

Dominant clouds
Wim Kol and I are getting closer to finishing our first canvas in the ‘Dyke Mysticism’ series. Last night we added the abstract clouds to the yellow sky. The week before we had solidified the dike itself with a more opaque blue-green.

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A new movement

In short
This is the announcement of a neo movement in art and a related community called XP20/20. The article gives a short overview of expressionism in history and its four main movements. It describes the five characteristics of Expressionism Twentytwenty.
Please note: I keep a better updated version of this article on Behance.

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Me big chief – This painting is too… part 3. Finished

What am I working on? I think I finished the painting I showed you two earlier stages of. The one I critiqued with ‘This painting is too…”. Well, basically when I ask myself “This painting is too…?” and nothing comes up, I feel the painting is finished.

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Dike mysticism, continued

Wim Kol and I took the next step in our Dyke mysticism project. We set up Wim’s architectural design on canvas, my usual format, 90 x 90 cm.

Then we looked at the palette of a painting by Dutch artist Jannes de Vries. Jannes de Vries was a member of ‘De ploeg’. An expressionist movement in the northern Dutch province of Groningen. They were most active from the 30’s to the 50’s of the last century. Strongly inspired by German expressionism from the 30’s, especially Kirchner. My wife Anneke and I are fortunate enough to own several paintings by Jannes de Vries.

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Andy Morris, a great art teacher

It is high time I dedicate a post to Andy Morris. Andy is an artist living in the US, I think it’s Phoenix, Arizona. I would never have heard of him, if it wasn’t for Udemy. On Udemy Andy has a series of abstract art courses.

Andy is my major art teacher. A long time ago I was in art school for a few years. I learned more from Andy in a 10 dollar Udemy course, than I did in several years of art school. Really. Why?

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Too dull, too grey, too dark and too even

Last time I critiqued this picture. I used Nancy Reyner’s “This picture is too…”-formula. I thought it was too… dull, grey-green, dark and even. This is what it looked like.

Version before last

Now I made some changes. I was going to do the four elements (a. dull, b. grey-green, c. dark and d. even) one by one. But one thing sort of automatically lead to another… And these four elements hang together anyway. So this is my next phase

Present phase

I’m pretty happy with these changes. Pretty happy, but of course not completely happy. So let’s do the “This picture is too…”-formula again. I’m pretty language driven, so this works for me just great.

“This picture is too…” Hmm, nothing comes up. And I know why. I am happy with this next phase as a whole. There are just some elements I want to change.

The blue creature is too blue. The blue creature is too dotted (dots didn’t work, probably because it’s the only element with this type of patterning). The white circle in the center is still too dark. The yellow mask on the right is too transparent.

All easy to fix, I think. I’ll keep you posted.

Greek fish drawing

Another page from my sketchbook. Although I don’t know about the ‘sketching’ verb. That word seems to presuppose you do a first rough rendering as a sketch and then you do the real painting later in your studio, right?

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Jumping after the fish drawing

From my sketchbook. I have one of these nice classical sketchbooks with the rigid black covers and the sturdy ring binder.

I was teaching in Athens and I wanted to do something artistic in our apartment. I had brought my watercolor box. I don’t find that very easy, watercolors.

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