Next Dike Temple

What am I working on? I was talking with agro-water-mystic Wim Kol about his work. What is it all about? We concluded that with his monumental water-archetypic buildings/sculptures, Wim’s wants to change people’s relationship with the dike.

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Homehaus in the making

First sketches of the homehaus series came back from the printer, so I could do the next step. Here you see them in their underpainting. I have always worked on single paintings. The homehaus is my first planned series.

It still feels sort of strange to have five works at the same time…

I still need to add some more detail to the painted parts. It is a delicate balance where on the one hand I don’t want it to get too mechanical but on the other hand I don’t want to derail the images beyond recognition either. And I am not sure about the color of that mercedes…

Some more painting and then, next step: second printing!

The crypto-symbolic dike

And the dike series goes on… Wim Kol and I have been working diligently on our ‘Dike Mysticism’ series. In this picture you see Wim’s wife Yvonne with the latest incarnation of the imaginary dike temple.

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Calling Doctor Kline

What am I working on? I have a new hero. I got fascinated by the US abstract expressionist Franz Kline. I was struck by the organic unity in his paintings. His work looks very simple (mostly black and white). But careful viewing shows that they went through many versions, edits and iterations.

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Homehaus series

What have I been working on? A lot. My Behance artist group XP2020 is now 8 artists. It has been a great joy to be part of this group. The job of building it is more or less finished. I am working on an exhibition proposal; 40 works. ‘Expressionist Art in the New Twenties”. This got me into an ‘exhibition’ mindset, thinking in shows, rather than single paintings…

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From the Sketchbook, 2

What have I been working on? I have been doing a lot of ‘artist lifestyle’ work. Building the XP2020 group, preparing an exhibition catalog, trying to determine where we will exhibit geographically, doing Udemy courses on these subjects, updating this website, contacting local art galleries in my home city (there were a lot more than I had thought) to enter the local art world, printing business cards, getting a separate email address for my artist persona and so on and so forth.

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The van Doesburg Dike

Primary colors, indeed
I think you will not be too surprised when I tell you that land-water-agro visionary Wim Kol and I were working on another Dike Temple painting this week. We wanted to do a van Doesburg style rendering this time.

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Collaborative XP2020 work

What’s going on? One important thing that happened this week, is that I started a first collaborative painting with the XP2020 expressionist group. Since we are an on line Behance group, we don’t physically meet, but I keep looking for ways to make it physical.

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And the dike goes on…

Land-water-agro visionary Wim Kol and I finished our second Dike Mysticism work this week. Or maybe I should say: we declared it finished for now. It has come out quite different from number 1. In hindsight, we were surprised about that, and we were thinking about how it had happened.

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I have been posting a lot on the Dike Mysticism project. But that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on, art-wise. I’ve also made some progress with my Homehaus series, my XP20/20 group and I’ve started this new painting about fear.

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